2007 sad little prick.

from the catalog essay by and curated by daine singer: 'In Simon Pericich's performance, sad little prick, an extreme of physical suffering is used as an expression of insecurity and fear of inadequacy and rejection. Immersing himself in an ice bath for 40 minutes, Pericich worked to see just how tiny his penis could become. The action combined a feat of physical endurance with a purpose that inverted the shame many men feel regarding penis size. This performance formed the basis of the exhibited work: Sad little prick, a plaster cast of Pericich's genitalia, and a mounted video camera through which visitors can view video stills from the performance.

The work is funny, but it is also laden with pathos, as well as an undeniable voyeuristic (and sadistic) thrill at watching his suffering. We are transfixed by the comedy of his tragedy, but also form a sympathetic bond with a young man wanting to hurt himself so deliberately. There is an undeniable sado-masochistic element to the work, made more apparent with the knowledge that the artist's recent ex-girlfriend filmed the performance. Pericich has described the sadness and guilt he felt at the end of this relationship, and the work can be read as a cathartic exercise in ameliorating this pain.'

curated by Daine Singer. Pains in the Artists brings together Simon Pericich, Anastasia Klose, Timothy Kendall Edser and Danielle Freakley.

sad little prick. Pains in the Artist. Blindside, Melbourne.07

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