2008 everybody cares and everyone is fine

Plan and image for the catalog.
Link image/photo ; Marc Morel 2008
image/photo ; Marc Morel 2008

everybody cares and everyone is fine was created by simon pericich.

When there are so many legitimate problems in the world, and your not sure which one to speak out about, instead of writing a giant protest banner which reads, ‘say no to right wing fascist dolphin killing, tree logging, capo, racist, child molestering, gene altering, nuclear power plants elitist drunk and drug fuelled immigrants who steal our jobs and have same sex intercourse etc ect’ why not build a multiuse protest float which caters to everybody’s needs? The car used in this work is a Humber, which is the type of car the politicians and royalty were chauffeured around in back in the early years of Australia. This work is a epitaph and monument to an archaic and no longer effective mechanism of social change.

*a great amount of thanks to* Doug Heslop, Ken, Nicki and Keiran.

Artists include: Rebecca Baumann, Aidan Broderick, Marcus Canning, Thea Costantino, Annabel Dixon, EricaAmerica, Caspar Fairhall, Pamela Gaunt, Rodney Glick & Lynnette Voevodin, Brendan van Hek & Consuelo Cavaniglia, Bevan Honey, Matthew Hunt, Laura Johnson, Shannon Lyons, Pilar Mata Dupont & Tarryn Gill, Bennett Miller, Tom Muller & Rochelle Phillips, Tony Nathan, Poppy van Orde Grainger, Simon Pericich, Ben Riding, Kevin Robertson and diode, Bruce Slatter, Eli Smith, Justin Smith, Ric Spencer & Peter McCaughey.

LINDEN1968 curated by Hannah Mathews & Ben Riding.

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