2008 how to hack a modern world

how to hack a modern world'

: is a series of four small sculptures with four you tube videos describing how to make them.


!!!everything you always wanted to know!!
how to trick an ATM into spewing out random amounts of ca$h
how to make LSD out of cigarettes , nutmeg & toothpaste
how to recharge yr mobile phone using a lemon and Lucozade ®
how to ride public transport for free
!!+plus much much more!!

thanks to Ken Shimizu and Belle Bassin
belle bassin

With Ben Armstrong, Brodie Ellis, Pat Foster/Jen Berean, Kel Glaister, Matt Griffin, Ardi Gunawan, Mark Hilton, Kate Just, Richard Lewer, Sanja Pahoki, Simon Pericich, Matthew Shannon, Noel Skrzypczak,

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