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** Up and coming shows include;

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He has participated in exhibitions including;

2010 Addition and Erasure. Margret Lawrence Gallery, Melbourne.

2009 The Aesthetics of Joy_ The Infinite Internation of Poetics. Curated by Bernhard Sachs and Brad Haylock.

2009 A4 Art 2009: West Space Annual Fundraising Exhibition

2009 ©ARING IS THE NEW $ARCASM. solo show, Block Projects, Melbourne.

2009 OMFG!. C3 at the Abbotsford Convent. (with: Adam Cruichshank, Kotoe Ishii, Rob McLiesh, Simon Pericich, Tai Snaith & Narinda Reeders, Dell Stewart

2009 Don’t Trust The Artist. Ivan Dougherty Gallery,University of NSW, Sydney.(with: Pat Foster and Jen Berean, Richard Lewer, Rob McLeish, Geoff Newton and Jackson Slattery.)

2009 Tips for Anxious Gardeners. Library Arts Space

2009 Dark Liasons.24hr Art, Darwin.(with: Belle Bassin, Irene Hanenbergh, Tony Garifalakis, curated by Ashley Crawford.)

2009 I’m Worse at What I Do Best. Parramatta Artists Studios. (curated by Tom Polo & supported by NSW Government)

2009 Head Quarters, 55 High Street. Northcote. The End of the World Souvenir Shop. (as part of State of Design Festival 2009)

2009 Fremantle Arts Centre. The Secret Life of Plants.

2009 200 Gertrude Street. And the Difference is…

2009 Fremantle Arts Centre. MUCH MUCH MORE (solo show)

2009 The Secret Life of Plants, Linden.

2008 NUS Museum And The Difference Is...’, Singapore.

2008 A4 Annual Art Show, WestSpace.

2008 1968, Linden Gallery, Saint Kilda.

2008 Gertrude Artists’ Group Show 08.

2008 The ‘Silver’ exhibition, PICA .

2008 ‘when they come, we will be ready ...solo show at Platform Arts Space, Melbourne.

2008 'A Better Place' The Library ARTSPACE North Fitzroy. (*in collaboration with Nikki Wynnychuk.)

2008 The Art of the Bicycle.(*). Don't Come Gallery, Melbourne.

2008 'PROGRESS IN AN AGE OF DECADENCE' Studio 12, Gertrude Contemporary Art Spaces.

2008 'Hockey Plot' touring West Space, Gibbsland Gallery and Cower Arts Space.

2008 'Objects is Space' Kings ARI, Melbourne.

2008 'Worlds End' Carlton Hotel,Melbourne.

2008 'a better place' (*) supported by the Frankston City Council and White Street Projects,Frankston.

2007-8 'Electromagneticimaginary' Spectrum Gallery, Perth.

2007 'Gertrude Artists' Group Show 07.

2007 'your gunna wish you were (dead) me'.Solo Show.Shifted Gallery, Albert St,Richmond.

2007 'The Best of Mudfest10' Lithuanian Club, North Melbourne.

2007 'Open Studio- during the Melbourne International Arts Festival'. studio 17, 200 Gertrude Contemporary Arts Spaces.

2007 'Inches per Second'. i love you more than you love me, forever.Loop bar, Melbourne City Library and also the big TV in Federation Square.

2007 'POVO' ( Revisiting Art Povera.pdf) George Paton Gallery,Melbourne.

2007 ‘Squat’. Spectrum Gallery, Perth.

2007 ‘Sad Little Prick’. Pains in the Artist. Blindside, Melbourne.

2007 ‘Electromagnetic Imaginary’. Area Gallery, Melbourne.

2006 ‘Looker’. Dark Portraiture. Perth Centre for Photography.

2006 ‘Empty Orchestra’. VCA graduate show, VCA Gallery. Melbourne.

2006 ‘Teen Spirit’. Moving Love, VCA student Gallery. Melbourne.

2006 ‘Dooom Island’ The Residency Print Show. Project Space, RMIT.

2006 ‘All Together Now’. ALL TOGETHER NOW!, MIR11, Melbourne.

2006 ‘Your Life is Grand Video Project’. PAPER, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.

2006 ‘Lost Garden Found’ as part of the Next Wave Festival. Above Honky Tonks bar in Flinders Lane.

2005 ‘ABRAXUS’ Loreal Fashion Festival, Australian Centre for the Moving Image.

2005 ‘Paradise’ Meyers Place, Melbourne.

2005 ‘Dirty Rotten Cabaret’. Dirty Rotten Cabaret , Bakery Complex, Perth.

2005 ‘Lost Dogs’ West Space Gallery, Melbourne.

2005 ‘HAPPY BIRTHDAY’ site specific intervention behind the Nike factory on Smith Street, Melbourne.

2004 ‘Stolen Wishes’ Slade School of Fine Art Masters Graduation Show. London.

2004 ‘Super-glued pennies’ intervention at the T.A.T.E Modern. London.

2004 ‘Can I Help You?’ Plastique Factory, Poznan, Poland.

2004 ‘I love you more than you love me, forever’ the main car park of the Bloomsburg Library, over a two day period. London.

2004 ‘Lost Dogs’ intervention in the streets of Soho. London.

2004 ‘When you were not home, guess what I did?’ Woburn Square Gallery, Bloomsbury, London.

2003 ‘I’m in love with everyone and everyone is in love with me’ Wild Frontier, Downtown Contemporary Arts Space, Adelaide. (And also) The Bank, Midland. Australia.

2003 ‘Paradise’ Artwalk, Amsterdam.

2003 ‘FREE BEER!’ Artfair03, Fremantle Passenger Terminal (and also) Verge Gallery, Northbridge. Perth. Australia. With Ben Waters.

2003 ‘Cake Stall’ Living Room, Breadbox Gallery, Perth, Australia. With thanks to the old people from the home down the road.

2003 ‘You will wish you never said that to me’ Mirage, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts. With Sohan-Ariel Hayes and Tony Nathan.

2003 ‘Gun and Balaclava for the office’ Collared, Verge Gallery Inc., Northbridge, Perth.

2002 ‘Holiday of my lifetime (brochure for my parents house)’Xmas Survival Kits, Kurb Gallery, Perth.

2002 ‘Vend-O-Friend’. Peep in Death, Risqu茅 Sex Boutique. Perth.

2002 ‘Paradise –WISH YOU WERE HERE.’ HOTEL_6156, at the hotel formally known as the Rhodes Hotel, South Perth.

2002 ‘Ravens Greatest Hits!’ Girl 6156, Goddard de Fiddes. Perth.

2002 ‘Porn Stars’ When we were There, International Arts Space Kellerberrin, Western Australia.

2002 ‘Artshed’, Forrest Place, Awesome Arts Australia. (With Poppy van Oorde-Grainger).
(AND THE FOLLOWING, In collaboration with Thea Costantino…).*

2002 ‘Replica’ Polo at Laundry, Polo Laundry-Mat, Northbridge, Perth.*

2002 ‘If only you could see how much I need you’ Hatched 02, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.*

2002 ‘minus monsters…’ (Solo show) as part of the Perth International Arts Festival. Mandurah Performing Arts Centre.*

2001 ‘My Burning Desire’ Zero one, Graduate Exhibition of Curtin University.*

2001 ‘Tactical Intervention Strategies’, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts.*

2001 ‘T.I.L.T’ Festival, Sydney 2001 This is Not Art, Newcastle.*

2001 ‘Piano Grand’ .National Youth Conference, Sheraton Hotel Foyer, Perth.*

2001 ‘Canvas Blind’. More Than Ping Pong, Artshouse Gallery, Perth.

2000 ‘Bunny Made Me Do It’, short films at John Curtin Gallery.*

2000 ‘Boxed’, Corridor Gallery, Curtin Uni.

2000 ‘Gomboc Sculpture Survey’, Gomboc Sculpture Park and Gallery.*

1999 ‘Perspectives’, Art Gallery of Western Australia and touring.

1999 ‘QV1’ , T.A.F.E. show. Geraldton


M # 0405439769.

ABN # 36393408638.

TFN # 350 795 168.


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